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Wild flowers growing in Bristol

I have been walking / training with Liz for over a year now - I started thinking short term boost to a higher fitness level after a couple of years of very enjoyable Nordic walking and now I realise it's a very valued training session in my week which I wouldn't want to miss.

Kate, Bristol

I have really enjoyed the classes led by Liz, she has great enthusiasm when guiding the walks which makes them very enjoyable, and at the same time her physiotherapy background makes her recommendations very helpful when trying to improve fitness and get the best out of the walk.

Patty, Bristol

Liz's well-structured Nordic walks are always enjoyable and after only a short time my level of fitness has greatly improved.

With her background in physiotherapy, I feel very comfortable pushing myself forward, always receiving much encouragement.

Each walk has been a welcome adventure.

Janine, Bristol

Liz is extremely encouraging, positive and fun. She has a seemingly endless rep of beautiful circular walks around Bristol covering all kinds of terrain. I also have been impressed with how safe I have felt with Liz, her physio background means that there is a whole body approach to exercise providing great peace of mind.

Kate, Bristol

I would recommend her classes 100%, you will have a wonderful time, taking time to take care of yourself, disconnect from the business of life and connect again with nature and your body.

Patty, Bristol

Liz has really helped me improve my quality of life. A year ago I was struggling to get my confidence back after a hip replacement. Nordic walking with Liz was suggested to me so I decided to give it a try.

I have progressed from only being able to walk for about one third of a mile - slowly - and stopping frequently to get my breath back to now striding out and walking at least two miles per session.

Thank you Liz for all your encouragement; it is much appreciated.

Liz, Bristol