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Nordic walking for the menopause

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The benefits of exercise at any stage of life are well documented[1]. It's estimated that 40% of adult women in the UK don't get enough exercise[4].

Exercise is known to increase the release of endorphins in the body which help us feel happy and energised. This can be particularly important during (peri)menopause when our mood, emotions and levels of motivation may fluctuate.

Regular exercise can help regulate mood and anxiety as well as improving heart health[2][3][5].

Regular exercise that raises heart rate and moves and impacts our joints is really important during the (peri)menopause since hormones, in particular estrogen which has had a protective effect in our bodies, begin to fall and leave our bodies more susceptible to illness/injury[6].

Exercise during this time has many benefits:

My one-to-one sessions focus on improving your fitness and wellbeing. Each session is designed around your specific training needs, gently building your fitness whilst walking through the beautiful countryside and parks around Bristol.

Please contact me to discuss how Nordic Fitness can help you.

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