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Nordic walking following heart attack or stroke

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I understand that getting back to exercise following a heart attack or stroke can be scary.

Walking is a great form of exercise that reduces cardiovascular risk by helping to reduce cholesterol & blood pressure, improve blood sugar control and help to maintain or work towards a healthy weight[3].

Nordic walking involves using poles similar to ski poles as you move. Unlike a normal walk, this kind of walking incorporates your upper body muscles in addition to your lower body muscles and has been found to have increased cardiovascular benefits over walking without poles[3].

Nordic walking is a safe, aerobic exercise post-heart attack or stroke[1][2], allowing you to gradually build your fitness and confidence whilst being supported by poles. I am first aid trained and carry a first aid kit at all times.

My sessions are one-to-one and designed specifically for each individual, ensuring that you are being exercised at the appropriate level for you. I focus on helping you work on your fitness and walking pattern whilst also enjoying a relaxing circular walk.

Please contact me to discuss how Nordic Fitness can help you.

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