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Nordic walking for those with Parkinson's disease

The Avon Gorge in the sunshine

Nordic walking is a great form of exercise, helping to lower cholesterol & blood pressure and also helping to regulate blood sugar.

Nordic walking involves using poles similar to ski poles as you move. Unlike a normal walk, this kind of walking incorporates your upper body muscles in addition to your lower body muscles and has been found to have increased cardiovascular benefits over walking without poles[5].

Nordic walking is an excellent activity for those with Parkinson's disease. It can help maintain a better posture and keep you more upright. Taking longer strides can also help to stretch your limbs and the upper body rotation encouraged as part of Nordic walking can help loosen your body & improve your co-ordination. Nordic walking can also help create a steady beat by which to improve pace[4].

Research has noted significant effects on posture[1], stride length[1], reduced freezing[2] and faster alternating movements[3] through Nordic walking.

I will work closely with you on your gait and stability, ensuring all routes are appropriate for you, whilst also enjoying a lovely circular walk.

Please contact me to discuss how Nordic Fitness can help you.

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